Wad Medani Diocese - Info and Basic Contacts


Bishop Abdu Elnur Kodi

The southern part of Bishop Saman Farjalla’s diocese has been bombed by the Government to enforce its rule. The whole diocese is fertile, with extensive agricultural projects providing opportunity for employment. The diocese supports congregations in village settlements linked to a large sugar refinery. The diocese is however very poor, lacking any resources to run its mission projects.



Wad Medani

Wad Madani is the capital of the Al Jazirah state in east-central Sudan. Wad Madani lies on the west bank of the Blue Nile, nearly 85 miles (136 km) southeast of Khartoum. It is linked by rail to Khartoum and is the center of a cotton-growing region. The city is also the center of local trade in wheat, peanuts, barley, and livestock. In 2008, its population was 345,290. It is the home of the Wad Medani Ahlia College, a private university.



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The diocesan bishop is the Rt Rev Saman Farjalla and he may be contacted via: 






More contacts can be found on the Port Sudan Diocese website: