Settings for reading mail on Jophiel

These are the settings that you need to read your emails on the Jophiel web server.  It applies to all members of the ECSSS

If you are unsure as to how you change these, please contact the Sudan Provincial Webkeeper for more personal help.  Remember that you can always read your ECSSS mail by using Method 1 below, so you'll at least be able to read my responses!  If you give me an alternative (non "Anglican") address, it may make correspondence a little easier.

Method 1

Read your mail online.  This method does not change on the new server so you willstill have access to all of your mail.  All stored mail from 2014 will have been transferred to the new mailbox.  If you have old mail that is important to you, it may be possible to retrieve it for a short period of time.

Go to www.[your_diocese]

Log in with your full email address and the password that you should know.*

The email address must all be in lower case letters.  The password should be carefully typed with no spaces or extra characters at the beginning or the end.  It is worth counting the dots you see to be sure that there are the same number as you expected.

Method 2

Use a mail reader, either on a computer or a tablet.  This method is more convenient.  Your details are programmed into your device so you don't need to keep remembering your password.  You can also (usually) read and store your emails when you have no internet access.

There are some standard settings that every mail reader needs:

Whichever method of mail retrieval you use, the mail server address is

Please note that this is a "" address and is reserved just for providing the email connection.
Other material (this website) is on

Your "User Name" is your full email address, all in lower case
Your Password has been given to you*

There are three different actions that can be done: POP3, SMTP and IMAP  Your system will be set up either to use IMAP or POP3 for receiving.  All systems will use SMTP for sending mail.

All of these need to be secured so that your mail remains reasonably private.
They need to be set to use SSL encryption

You may well need to tell your system which PORTS to use:

POP3 uses Port 995
SMTP uses Port 465
IMAP uses Port 993

Assuming that you have a system ready set up, you'll need to look in the settings and change them as appropriate.

* If you can't remember your password, then write to the Sudan Provincial Webkeeper, giving an alternative email address.  Your request will be considered and dealt with as appropriate. (If there's a doubt, we won't be releasing your password to an unknown address!)