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Bishop Andudu Elnail

The Diocese of Kadugli serves the homeland of the Nuba tribes, the Nuba Mountains.  In 2011 the Nuba people were told they were expected to adopt the national identity of Sudan, to speak Arabic and live according to Islamic faith. In Kadugli city an Arab militia used guns to try and enforce this, and the Government of Sudan had a continuing bombing campaign on settlements across the whole Nuba Mountains, trying to enforce its rule. The Sudan People’s Liberation Army North (SPLA/N) are fighting for self-determination.   The Diocese is effectively divided in two with Bishop Andudu unable to be in Sudan, and so living elsewhere and ministering to the part of his diocese controlled by the SPLA/N. Assistant Bishop Hassan James ministers to the government controlled area. Kadugli Diocese was created in the 1980’s and the first Bishop was Mubarak Khamis Korkel. Bishop Andudu is the third bishop of Kadugli. 


The Nuba Mountains

The mountains stretch for some 48,000 square kilometres (19,000 square miles).The climate is semi-arid with under 800 mm of rain per year on average, but lush and green compared with most nearby areas. There are almost no roads in the Nuba Mountains; most villages there are connected by ancient paths that cannot be reached by motor vehicle. The rainy season extends from mid-May to mid-October, and annual rainfall ranges from 400 to 800 millimetres (16.4 to 32.8 in), allowing grazing and seasonal rain-fed agriculture.


Assistant Bishop HassanConflict

The region stayed under the control of the central government and the Comprehensive Peace Agreement did not give the Nuba Mountains the right to join South Sudan in its vote for independence in 2011. Residents of the Nuba Mountains were required to hold ill-defined "popular consultations" to determine their future. Not only the Nuba Mountains but the whole of South Kordofan state would be eligible to vote, essentially to accommodate the Messiria. Additionally, the Sudanese government maintained heavy military presence in the region and even prospective "popular consultations" were seen likely to be barred. The ambiguous situation and fears of future communal violence invoked concerns that South Kordofan could be the "next Darfur".

As of June 2011, South Kordofan's governor had suspended the process of popular consultations and conflict between Sudan People's Armed Forces and Nuba fighters of the SPLM-N followed. Conflict has divided the diocese in into two distinct areas and remains a feature of life in the Nuba Mountains.


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The diocesan bishop is the Rt Rev Andudu Elnail and he may be contacted via: 



the Assistant bishop is the Rt Rev Hassan James Osman and he may be contacted via




P.O Box 35 Kadugli, Sudan


More contacts can be found on the Kadugli Diocese website: