The Dioceses of the Episcopal Church in Sudan

The Provincial site of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan is at

All Dioceses now have at least the potential for running their own websites. All sites are now in place though many are still awaiting Diocesan information.

** These Dioceses have significant material on their websites. Others are currently (April 2017) awaiting information.


All Dioceses now have at least a "holding" page (at the address: www.[diocese]
Many of these are still awaiting live information - but please be patient as this takes place. In Sudan many people have to travel many miles to find Internet access and computers are few and far between. In that situation, updating a website may well rank fairly low in their order of priorities.

If you have a link with an ECS diocese and could offer to help to update their website, please contact the Provincial Webkeeper.  Your help will be greatly appreciated!